Day 29 with Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks

  • Day 29 with Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks 00:00

Today I pull some clips from an over 3 hour guest spot I did over at the Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks show in May. I had a blast talking to both Neil and Annaleis and I wanted to share some of their show with you. If you’ve not heard it yet…please go give it a subscribe and lend them your ears. You will fall in love with them.

During our conversation, a question is asked about how Grant and I get along and it leads into me having a laugh sometimes and if I’m irritating him on purpose. He calls back to a particular moment where he was wanting to be a bit serious about reviewing some old 80’s TV shows and McBlizzard and I weren’t. So I took the liberty of pulling a clip from that episode as well.


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