Day 28:Goofie Newfie (Ginger Goes to Canada)

  • Day 28:Goofie Newfie (Ginger Goes to Canada) 00:00

In this episode Ginger goes to visit Paula Allen from Tell Me Stories Podcast and Dougie, the Monkey Poo Studios I.T. Guru! 

Comedy Ensues:

Does AG try his special ed brand of humor on the boarder patrol?  

Is Canada secretly brainwashing their special brand of patriotism though maple syrup and fried bologna sandwiches?  

Have you ever wondered what kind of music, Shumway I.T. Guru, Dougie forces all of us to listen to while we meet up at the water cooler? 

Thanks everyone for your continued support of the show. While this isn’t a 7 Days a Geek show, this is very much Monkey Poo Studios.

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