Day 25-Who’s a One Upper?

  • Day 25-Who's a One Upper? 00:00

In this episode the Origin of TK1 (The Kilted One’s) name. We also cover a few headlines and a pattern starts to form. There was always an unspoken but then spoken about battle for…something. Not so much the role of alpha male…but we in the TLPS crew love to mess with each other. It’s part of the show’s growing charm? Right? 

Also, kicking the episode off…we gets a little romantical up in here! That’s right ladies, we share our stories of proposal…or lack there of. Also, if you’re curious at all about what we look like, or if we really always act like this. Well, besides the 70+ episodes of The Last Podcaster Standing that I really recommend you go back and listen too…look us up on youtube! There is a 6ish episode webseries we did that consisted of our road trip from Grand Rapids to Chicago to go see Kevin Smith! 

…Another Road Trip is Over Due!

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