Day 18: Ginger's Have No Souls

  • Day 18: Ginger's Have No Souls 00:00

A quick trip down memory lane! I’ve noticed a sexual pattern. Maybe you will too with these funny clips! Hey, this show is all about geeking out…I’m geeking out about my past. Here are some clips where along with my old crew, we be bringing the funny…but me more so than them…why? Because my Ego says so! Right Grant?;-)

In this episode you’ll hear us discuss some commercials. Here are the links…if you dare! NSFW

Super Sexy CPR

Horny Graffiti

Vulva Original (Seat Thief)

I do hope you’re enjoying all the episodes of Monkey Poo Studios “30 Days of Podcasting Pledge Drive.” If you like what you hear please head on over to and click the donate button!


-All of us at Monkey Poo Studios

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