Day 16: Bobby’s World

  • Day 16: Bobby's World 00:00

In what was to be a quick filler episode for this “30 Days of Podcasting” we are doing, quickly turned into one of the funniest things we’ve put out on the interwebs since launching! 

The Plot. Talk Cartoons. If you’ll remember a few episodes back, we talked The 50 Greatest Cartoons! Well, it took so long that we skiped #30-#10. Picking back up where we left off… we get sidetracked almost immediatley. 

We quickly learn that Bibbles must have lived under a rock, though that doesn’t stop us from making fun of him. We love him, it’s ok! Oz gives us his College thesis on “The Tick” and Ginger recalls a childhood friend with a possible “Closed Head” injury who used to eat his cats and once gave a 20 minute “Specific Sex Education” class for no reason at all…complete with visual instructions! …back to more cartoons! 


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