Day 14-#ShadowYes Of The Batman

  • Day 14-#ShadowYes Of The Batman 00:00

Back in the studio like we never left from yesterday…here we all are again getting Chatty about Batty! @CRHMarc @Angry_Oz_Geek @ThatMcBlizzard and myself spend a hot minute to talk about the possibility of a Batman TV show helmed by @ThatKevinSmith and the great Paul Dini! 

If you’ve listened to Episode 51: Paul Dini: Shadow of the Bat (Fatman on Batman) then this is a discussion about that episode. If you’re a comic book fan, especially a fan of Batman, then this is a podcast you should be listening too! You don’t necessarily have to have heard that episode to listen to this one…but it would help! 

Imagine the “Jesus” years of Bruce Wayne. The years never talked about. The Prep School Years! Alfred and Bruce Pull up to Blüdhaven Academy, Alfred suggests to Bruce that he could just as easily get an education from any school…why this one? Little does Alfred know that the detective in Bruce has already started to manifest. Tracking down Joe Chill, Wayne’s parents killer, leads Bruce down a trail more terrifying than he could ever imagine. He knows that Falcone’s son is registered at this school…but little does he know that deep in the bowels lies a secret society, a “League of Shadow’s, and possibly even a “Court of Owls”. 

Teamed up with his new partner and roommate Harvey Dent, they set out to right the wrongs hiding in the shadows of Blüdhaven Academy…

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