Day 11:Sidekicked (An Original Audio Drama)

  • Day 11:Sidekicked (An Original Audio Drama) 00:00

In this episode, Monkey Poo Studios presents “Sidekicked”, a super heroic audio drama written by Jason The Angry Ginger.

In what originated as a Batman Parody, quickly became much more. Though in the first episode you’ll get a mix between Batman the Comic and the 1966 TV show…but if and when more episodes are produced, you’ll see that this will really start to go in a new and twisted direction.

Special Thanks to all of our voice actors

Grant (TK1) Markham-Narrator, Boa Constrictor

Bill (Costanza) Sweeney-Blue Jay, Thug #1

Geoffrey Welchman-The Black Condor, J.E.E.V.E.S.

Christina Nicholls-Katlyn Bell, Alley-Cat

Stefanie Muniez-Reporter, Agent Stone

Agent Palmer-Thug #3

Sound Effects and Music by Henno

Shoutout to our Sponsor Comic Book Jones

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