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CUWTG: Mostly Sober but Butt Chugging Pre-Workout

  • CUWTG: Mostly Sober but Butt Chugging Pre-Workout 00:00

*Previously aired as a Patreon Exclusive on March 3rd, 2021*

In this episode we discuss our headlines from 7DAG 42.5: Handicapable Erotica, A Backstabbed Poet, and Glory Hole Rabbit Holes


  1. Going Sober For Love
  2. Give the Listeners what they want… more Dutch Mud Flaps!
  3. Therapist howls at my Good Luck Chuck turning powers!


  1. Fasting for 60 hours at Noon today (tell all Diet Fails)
  2. Cold Brew
  3. Why I was never meant be a carpenter


1. Second Vaccine Shot isn’t Fake News

2. Getting Maced in the Face at Guantanamo Bay

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