CUWTG: Inherited From Our Fathers

  • CUWTG: Inherited From Our Fathers 00:00

*Originally aired as a Patreon Exclusive on Sept. 19th, 2020 as a bonus episode from 7 Days a Geek Ep 35: Tensions Rise With Spirited Away*

Quadfather asks “Tell us something we didn’t know about your dad”. This was alluded to in Ep 35: Tensions Rise with Spirited Away, in which Cole hints at the usage of Mustache Wax, Ginger responds with the abbreviated BDE, and Quad’s father gets into recording the movies?

In the Headlines:



  1. Detroit’s Juxtaposition of Death.
  2. Therapist says “I’m a Fixer” and “I’m Too nice”. Don’t Shame me Bro! (this one is going to hurt.. Be nice Neighbor Cole. Quad Back me up!)
  3. 2 Full weekends Left and a Week off before Podtoberfest… Can we do it? 
  4. I hope you die in your sleep tonight quad! 



  1. King of the Fuck Castle
  2. Volleyball and Wrestling Camp, 
  3. Rapunzel Lets down her hair!
  4. Making Love to Myself in the Mirror at the Gym



  1. Ash & Smoke
  2. Podtoberfest travel drama 

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