CUWTG: Almost Dead And Dying In Grand Rapids

  • CUWTG: Almost Dead And Dying In Grand Rapids 00:00

Greetings and Salutations to you Exclusive 7 Days a Geek supporters! First of all, let me thank you, from all of us, to all of you for your continued support! 

In this episode, Cole gets called out for being raciest white guy while slowly dying in the ER waiting room of a hospital. He soon discovers that he’ll be having emergency surgery, but not before the entire waiting room is seen before him. Shockingly, this has nothing to do with the aneurysm giving road rage he has toward plow drivers. Even in a blizzard! 

Kyle shares that she may be having some heart problems which ties right into what Ginger shared at the top of the show. 

Due to her very nice holiday gift of a hotel room away from the kids, Ginger goes full Hunter S. Thompson, swallows an extra pill while swigging bear. Going to the moon just isn’t enough so he takes on a visit from a special concubine and after all the excitment, he may have experinced a heart attack! 

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