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CUWTG: A Rift Between Two Neighbors and “Surprise, I’m Pregnant!”

  • CUWTG: A Rift Between Two Neighbors and "Surprise, I'm Pregnant!" 00:00

*Previously aired as a Patreon Exclusive on April 3rd, 2021. It was a bonus episode from the 7DAG Ep 48: Bonding with The Duchess in a Feminist Superhero Boys Club*

Neighbor Cole is on an aggressive weight loss journey (again) but this time, his job is on the line. Ginger is headed to Florida (again). Quad’s been holding out on a family health issue and then….

Cole decides to pick a bone with Ginger…

Quad has to pull the therapy couch out for this one. 

Also, Cole has a few “Previously in my dating life” stories. 

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