CUWTG: A Dethroned King Reveals an Undercover Tryst

  • CUWTG: A Dethroned King Reveals an Undercover Tryst 00:00

*Originally aired as a Patreon Exclusive on Sept 20, 2020 as a bonus episode from 7 Days a Geek Ep 36: I’m Gonna Drink & Get Sober and Call You George!*

Welcome back patrons of the geeks! In an almost instant continuation from the ending of Episode 36: I’ll Drink & Get Sober and Call You George, we delve deeper into the Headlines that we shared. The Angry Ginger is stalked by the local jogging trail squirrel union 406, but don’t fret, he’s got the Eye of the Tiger as he goes for his personal best! Neighbor Cole returns with the conclusion to the King of the F*** Castle Chronicles. He then decides to turn coat and go double agent as he becomes Dr. No to Ginger’s James Bond as he goes on a full villain monologue. Will Ginger’s Secret Sexual Wedding Tryst stay a secret? Does anyone notice his disappearance? Do they get home safely? Are they still friends? Tune in now to hear the full story and get all of your questions answered!

But wait… there’s more! The wheelchair ramp into Monkey Poo Studios just added some diamond plating for Quads substitute host. That’s right the 3rd Mic had to call it a night just after we wrapped the main episode so, Diamond Dave, from the Podcast Without Bounds show, joins us and fills in those handicapped shoes nicely! 

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