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CUWTG 56: Shaking Hands With The Other Man

  • CUWTG 56: Shaking Hands With The Other Man 00:00



  1. Last Week it was a Quick Cop Pit Stop and a barely a scratch fender bender with my rental. This week my car crashed without me even driving it and I’m back to having a rental!
  2. Yeah, write my name down… You Midnight Tryst Motherfucker! I’ll wait till you realize who I am…
  3. After 5.5 Years… I guess I’m meeting the other guy. Cole, You got my Six?
  4. (Shaking the hand and looking into the eye of the new step dad)-COLE


  1. 2021 has been a marathon of shit
  2. Records abound


  1. Moving process or NOT?
  2. “Take me with you” family drama

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