Catching Up with the Geeks

CUWTG 55: What Happened In Vegas Stays Behind The Paywall

  • CUWTG 55: What Happened In Vegas Stays Behind The Paywall 00:00

Catching Up With The Geeks!



  1. From Vegas to Philly and back home again… and then to the Mackinaw Bridge
  2. Ignoring my own PREMONITION a Hit and Run with my own daughter becomes all too real!
  3. Cops on my Tail. Ginger did nothing.

Neighbor Cole:

  1. “Jay Smells Good!” -A Work Fleece Story
  2. Chris Farley takes a Mile High Poo!
  3. What is Your Problem!? And what is NCs Problem?
  4. Covid almost killed me… and it was a vaccine.


  1. Never Split The Difference
  2. The Art of the deal
  3. Quad’s Home Selling Drone Footage

We also check in on Cole. Is he done with dating or back in the game. A surprisingly candid Cole opens up and explains his current thoughts and feelings with things. 

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