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Cakefarts: A TWISTed Tale Of LARPing

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In this, The 40th Episode of The Last Podcaster Standing,He’s Baaaack!  That’s right TLPS listeners! You asked for it, now you’re getting it.  Mr. Nick Twist is back to guest and “Shoot the Sh$t” with us.  He doesn’t waste anytime either. From the moment his name is announced, like a foghorn being blasted through a megaphone, he comes alive loud and clear!  He brings along his damsel in distress, EL Trachero for the ride.  Nothing is off limits in this episode.  In “Shooting the Sh$t”, we discuss whether a digital nerd has the right for “calling out” another nerd for liking the same nerdy things as he, but only in real life. We then mention “cake farts” and believe it or not, Mr. Twist has no idea what a “cake fart” is.  He is instantly intrigued. In fact, I believe a failed business plan is quickly put together between the crazy one and his apprentice.  It’s great when you help someone find their place in life!

In headlines, thieves have 3 million dollars worth of product that 7 out of 5 dentists prefer.  Also, A man hires a friend to kill his girlfriend. I know, what else is new? Well, maybe a bear is involved. Maybe it’s alive, maybe it’s a rug!  You’ll have to listen to find out!  So head on out to your local pharmacy and pick up your prescription for Adderall because this episode is going to need it!   As always, remember to comment and subscribe!  It’s what helps other people find this life changing podcast. -AG

Picture & Title By: Nick Twist


Pool Poop Attack

$3 Mill In Stolen Dental Equipment

Fake Bear Mauling

Happy Gun Factory

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