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Boobies Out The Hatchback (Anniversary Part 1)

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In this, the 45th episode of The Last Podcaster Standing,

Part one of our Anniversary Episode finds our very own Google Goddess at the doorstep of danger.  Battered, bruised, and a bit shaken with anxiety, she weathers the storm to make sure she can finally come face to face with her Arch Nemesis Mr. K.I.A.!  Ohhh, what a battle this is going to be!  The Google Goddess, or the Akron Bean if you’re TK1, has spent the last few months playing RISK apparently.  She comes to this podcast with a strategy ready to bruise the Know-It-All into submission.  Can she finally one up the man who has given more than a hand full of verbal (with an “L”) beat downs a week, who is sooooo CO(L)D that we are all unsure if he even has a heart? The Bean is good at taking a lickin’ but now she’s all swollen up and ready for redemption! That’s right folks, for the first time ever our friend from outside the mitten…our better 1/5th finally graces us with her Goddess-like presence and sits in the studio and it makes for a much better show!  Holy Sh$t do we have an adventure for you!  After the Angry Ginger and Mr. Know It All both get caught on separate occasions watching videos that only make men with “partners” hard, they pick up The Kilted One and head on over the Pharmacy “GRANT!” for a quick pick me up.  Then, it’s off to the Gym where we run into The Sniper and his Wife to get our work out on! #TLPS shirts are apparently a must!  (Order Yours Today!) But please remember that this is a two part episode.  We make sure not to blow our load early!  We  take our time stalking  the Akron Bean, by following her out to the woods in her 1976 two tone Ford Pinto with a Hatchback and us in a 1995 Cargo van complete with no windows, some duct tape and a smile!  Please, before you push play make sure to grab your empty milk cartons, as an excited Goddess never lets her “followers” go thirsty! -Angry Ginger

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