BONUS - Podawan Podcast Network Episode 1

  • BONUS - Podawan Podcast Network Episode 1 00:00

Check out our crossover episode with other members of the Podawan Podcast Network! Matt joins Tom from the Clonecast, Ty from Wayfinder Pod and the Ithorian Historian.  Topics include:

  • How did we form the network and what’s to come?
  • Our thoughts on season 1 of the Bad Batch and what we’re expecting in season 2
  • Initial impressions of what we expect from Star Wars Visions

Look for more crossover episodes in the future. In the meantime, check out the other shows on the network:

As always, you can find us:

Twitter: @facpapod

Web site: http://FromACertainPointAskew.com

Podawan Podcast Network: @podawans

Merch store: https://teespring.com/stores/facpapod

Intro/Outro – Galactic by Seb Jaeger (via https://filmstro.com/music)

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