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Podcasters using Skype for their interviews will want to listen to this one. The hosts of Beyond The 140, a play on the amount of characters allowed on Twitter, run thier whole podcast off of Skype. They are both in 2 seperate states. They’ve never even met. Every week they invite someone who’s “Twitter Famous” to come on their show and have a chat. We also talk a lot about scheduling a show. Keeping in constent contact with the guest leading up to the interview is key. Having a Pre-show call is also very benificial. It helps all 3 get close like freinds. This show’s in the interview.

@IAmDelFreaky and @JCWisdomNuggets have got a lot of great nuggets (pun intended) to share with first time podcasters or any podcaster for that matter. If you’re looking to do more interviews or want a good template to create for you to manage your show’s upcoming interviews then you can learn a lot from these guys!


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