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Building your podcasting audience is a constent struggle. Even when your doing good, you want to do better! Tyler Smith is the host of Battleship Pretension, a podcast that delves deep into the structure and theory of film.  Co-host David Bax (absent) and Tyler have built their podcast for the last 6 years and still struggle to get it to a place they are happy with. This is a common theme amongst podcasters, What defines a successfull podcast, A small legion of loyal listeners or is it just a numbers game? Does a large number of downloads define success?

Of course our guest is the host of a movie podcast so there this episode is layered in a bit of film talk but we also talk Equipment as well as spend some time on how to market a podcast. This is an always changing, ever evolving creature in the podcasting world. If there is one way that will always show results, big or small, seems to be the guest host. With a guest host brings the possiblity of their fans following them to the show and if they like what they hear, perhaps they’ll subscribe and stick around.

If you’re a smart podcaster you’re always learning and always adapting. If you’re a new podcaster…hit the subscribe button and listen to this episode and the episodes that have come before it. Everyone runs thier show a little bit different. It’s not really what’s right and wrong (don’t get me wrong, there are both) but it’s how you use the information handed to you and make it work for your show!

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Just announce in this episode, we will be adding a few things to the format of this show. One thing will be a Q and A. If you’ve got a question you’d like an answer to, then call the voicemail and each week our guest, along with myself will try to answer your question with whatever knowledge we possess.

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