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An 8 Ball Of Premasticated Podcast

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In this, the 65th episode of The Last Podcaster Standing,

While not trying to beat around the bush so to speak, TK1 and The Sniper do just that as they have come up with a new method of pleasing The Angry Ginger’s Wife during climax!  Actually, to be completely honest, all they want him to do is holler something at that pinnacle moment! AG, with the help of the crew, decide to literally (yes literally) break down what exactly could be going on inside and out during that special “feel good moment”.  Also, the gender of Ginger’s new baby is revealed and he almost shows why his first name is in fact “ANGRY”! After that special lifetime movie G.G. decides it would be a great idea to chew our food for us so we don’t choke on it…or is it our words? Either way 2 dogs and a Granny get in the way and after a few words we decide to head out into the forest and do the only thing we know how to do to end an argument!  GET HIGH ON CRACK! I’m not going to say who brought the 8 ball but once we cash in our earnings from the biggest lottery jackpot in history we decide that we’ll keep this show around for you listeners…but only if we can kill some crackheads on our off hours!  Through tears as big as horse turds for some of us, we devise a plan that is so genius that we immediately move on to talk about “The Angry Dragon” and how skillful the female must be to pull this method of pleasure off! Let’s just say it gives new meaning to “popping the top”! It also causes TK1 to remove himself from the show so he could kindly toss his lunch up like a bulimic with a new modeling contract! In other news, we talk a little more “TLPS Camping” and what would happen if one of us got a poisonous bite on our wee wee! G.G. being the Hoover that she is, quietly agrees to solve this issue while the guys try to convince a certain Boy Scout that there could be a merit badge involved. There always is!Enough teasing, you know the drill Press PLAY, hop on Twitter and start yapping away with us! Don’t forget to rate and leave a comment on iTunes! If you do…we’ll remind you!-Angry Ginger


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Henry Ziegland

Feed Your Baby Bird

80 MPH Video

Man Shoots Dogs And Wife For Poop

Althea’s Milk Carton

AND by popular demand The Glossary of Perversion

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