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All In Need Of Therapy

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In this, the 60th episode of The Last Podcaster Standing,

TK1 experiences some phone issues that lead him to a whole new level in whoring out this podcast! (We are so proud.) Then he and The Angry Ginger again try to find common ground among “Rainbows and Unicorns.”  The Sniper returns from his squirrel  hunting sabbatical to learn he was left behind during the “Cadillac Test Drive” from last week!  G.G. decides to take us all for another spin.  We are then shocked to find out G.G. has had some recent health scare…though The Sniper and I are assured that any issue has been aborted!…or were we? Hell, I could be making this whole thing up! Speaking of phone issues we decide tonight, during our recording, would be as good a night as any to fill G.G.’s “Parent Class Taking” Mom in on her health issue…good or bad! Make sure you call your Mom and tell her you love her before you press play!Speaking of which…”YOU GUYS READY TO SHOOT THE SH*T?” *A REMINDER* If you’re a BIG #TLPS fan don’t forget to purchase the APP and listen to the “Bonus Content” that goes with this and several other episodes.  -AG

Back by popular demand The Glossary of Perversion

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