TLPS - 64

A Ginger Kid And The Mentally Challenged Walk Into A Bar…

  • A Ginger Kid And The Mentally Challenged Walk Into A Bar... 00:00

In this, the 64th episode of The Last Podcaster Standing,

It looks like Mr. Know-It-All, our resident pedantic fun sponge, is looking to achieve some new merit badges!  That’s right, it’s about that time for #TLPS to plan their annual “ROAD TRIP”!  Several destinations come up…nothing is set in stone.  But it does look like the gang is going to head into the woods and pitch a tent, kill some squirrels and tell some scary stories over a campfire! Can you imagine a ginger in the woods with a bear?! Ginger does needs a new floor mat!  Speaking of Gingers, we also discuss gingers and those who dare to pick on them!  Bullying is the name of the game.  Don’t do it for two reasons people! #1 it’s just not right…#2 It’ll get your soul taken! Cue Musical Transition! We round out the episode by having a chat with friend of the show @Deac273 among many things discussed, having a “twisted” bodyguard to keep you safe on a train! He may be clinically insane but he’ll have a muffin with you while you try to decide where to hide! We also touch on bullying again because Deac is a ginger as well! Sh*t’s about to get deep people!Also, we have a feel good story of the week!  That’s right Ladies and Gents, mark this on your calendar.  We actually do good by someone this week.  Well for us anyway!As always folks, you know what to do! Grab your back pack, make sure you’ve got stuff for s’mores and plenty of booze because it’s time to share a tent with #TLPS! -Angry Ginger


Rutgers Hate Crime Update

Suicide By Chainsaw

Need TP For My Bunghole

Father Of The Year

Motley Crue – Same Ol’ Situation (Where’s Grant)

Homeless Wi-Fi Hot Spots

AND by popular demand The Glossary of Perversion

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