193: Run Lola, Run Forest, RUN!!!

  • 193: Run Lola, Run Forest, RUN!!! 00:00

In this episode, The single geeks take some therapeutic advice from the married responsible one. Cole’s back to dating… or maybe not after this last one. What started out great for Ginger, fizzled in friendship.

In more important things… We discuss the Trailers for John Wick 2, Toy Story 4, Stranger Things Season 3 and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

There is new insane evidence of what the Forest Gump sequel would have been about and even the evidence should have stayed buried!

All of this and soooo much more!

Peace be with you my friends …and also with you!



By the numbers:

8:52      Catching up with the Geeks

38:12      Ginger and Lola, the aftermath

48:45      Jason floats down there

Trailer Talk

1:00:14      John Wick 3

1:10:03      Toy Story 4

1:18:40     Stranger Things 3

1:26:40     The OA season 2

1:30:53     Once upon a time in Hollywood

Geeking Out

1:38:40     Triple Frontier, Catastrophe, Letter Kenny,

1:48:15    Nemesis

1:56:40     Reading vs Listening to books #snobbery

2:00:30    Captain Marvel #cheezy

2:05:06     Dirt on Netflix

2:08:34     Us Jordan Peele

2:13:46     Aquaman

2:16:00     Greenbook

2:21:12     Geek News, Forrest Gump 2?

2:27:40     Dora The Coyote (Explorer)

2:34:10     Nootropics



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