Segment 7 Ep 2: Ginger’s Nuclear Suicide Threat & Neighbor Cole’s Family Farm Fornication Funtime Story Hour

  • Segment 7 Ep 2: Ginger's Nuclear Suicide Threat & Neighbor Cole's Family Farm Fornication Funtime Story Hour 00:00

3 stories and a billion tangents in this “very special” Segment 7   Cole opens the show off by recalling a time his college roommates did everything short of actually pulling him away from the “ugly girl” he was having sex with. This also leads to “Gay Roommate” sex stories.   Ginger shares Part One of his suicide/bomb threats story that he’s been holding back for a couple of years now. If that’s not enough to grab you by the taint and make you listen… I’m not sure what will… it was good enough to get Homeland Security and the F.B.I.’s ears perked up.   …and who says divorce can’t be fun?   We end the episode off by finding the long lost “Brother $%*&” story that was pulled from a past episode. We make some color commentary as we listen to it for the first time since it’s initial recording.   If you like what you hear and want more Segment 7 then head on over to to support the show and hear more behind the scenes stories like this one.

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