Ep 168: It’s DWAYNE …Not The Rock, Johnson!

  • Ep 168: It's DWAYNE ...Not The Rock, Johnson! 00:00

In this episode, your Heroic Geeks return!!! 

Quickly discover where we’ve been while the hiatus was in effect. Diets, Dating and Dysfunction! Some of it more heavier than others… but all of it within our doctor’s recommended dosage! 

Once that’s out of the way we jump right into Trailer Talk with Mission Impossible:Fallout, Rampage, and Solo! 

We take a trip down pop culture memory lane with our new segment “This Week in Geek History” and then we learn what we’ve been “Geeking Out About”. 

Cole sticks with The Rock and follows him up a Skyscraper while Ginger announces a sort of TLPS reunion… with Kevin Smith to boot! 

We wrap up the show with Geek News (Jim to return to The Office) and Our Top 7 Upcoming Bingeables releasing this year! 

1 .Cobra Kai

2. Jessica Jones (Season 2)

3. Love (Final Season)

4. Roseanne

5. Jack Ryan

6. Castle Rock

7. Maniac 


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