7DAG Presents Podcasting101 with @76StreetPod

  • 7DAG Presents Podcasting101 with @76StreetPod 00:00

In this episode we learn, among many things, doing your show inside of a crazy homeless mans tree fort at 3am could cost you your life…but it’s all in the name of funny! We cover other strange antics we’ve done in the name of funny to make our audience both laugh…and not be bored!

Sometimes you just have to try things out to see what works and what doesn’t! Like when interviewing an actor, you probably should talk about his work and not Tim Curry’s? Eh!, You live and you learn…

We also get to hear a little about what it’s like to start up a Podcasting Network. There’s a lot of work involved people…let’s hope it’s worth it!

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