7DAG-CUWTG: Nuclear Suicide Threat & Neighbor Cole’s Fornication Funtime Story

  • 7DAG-CUWTG: Nuclear Suicide Threat & Neighbor Cole's Fornication Funtime Story 00:00

*Previously a “Segment 7” Patreon Exclusive

Originally Aired June 15th 2018

In this newly minted but previously not yet a Catching Up With The Geeks, we have 3 stories and a billion tangents in this “very special” throw back to an old Segment 7 from 7 Days a Geek.

The Angry Ginger shares a story about that one time while at work, he was relieved of duty for being Suicidal. This of course was a surprise to him, because he’s never been suicidal. Once he’s surrounded by armed officers and made to call a sheriff from a county that he has no affiliation with, all of the madness starts to come together.

Is this a prank or is there a darker motive?

After returning home and discovering 2 voicemails about a possible bomb threat being called in to the Nuclear Plant, he’s then put in contact with Homeland Security and the F.B.I., it’s probably a forgone conclusion that there is a darker motive at play.

…and who says divorce can’t be fun?

Neighbor Cole opens the show off by recalling a time his college roommates did everything short of actually pulling him away from the “ugly girl” he was fornicating with. This also leads him down the rabbit hole of other roommate sex stories.

Finally we end the episode by discovering the long lost “Brother Seth” story that was pulled from a past episode, never before seeing the light of day. We make some color commentary as we listen to it for the first time since it’s initial recording.

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