7DAG-CUWTG: Her Name Was Lola-Revisited

  • 7DAG-CUWTG: Her Name Was Lola-Revisited 00:00

*Originally aired as a Patreon Exclusive episodes on April 1st, 2020*

Neighbor Cole and The Quadfather bring the commentary as I relive a drunken (but still brilliant?) idea I had while on a date a little over a year ago. In early February of 2019, after a night out, my date and I retreated back to my house for a cocktail and an impromptu LIVE podcast broadcast. I have never listened to the recording… please help me! Apologies for a sound issue around the 20 minute mark. We discovered it after 10 or so minutes of recording, so we fixed it and the rest of the recording is better for it.

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