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69 Badges of Uncomfortability

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In this, the 68th episode of The Last Podcaster Standing,

…Meanwhile at a local Denny’s…Mr. K.I.A. takes a brief snore inducing moment to let us know about a very “special” lunch outing he partook in last week.  A lunch that filled him with “pride” but left the customers filled with confusion and riddled with bullet holes!  That’s right folks, Mr. K.I.A. finally takes his coat off to practice his constitutional right and bares it all! Wait that’s not right!  His Arms..He bares his arms…(This gun was made in Grand Rapids Michigan! Shop Smart…Shop S-Mart!) That’s not all he shows off, if you know what I mean! *Wink Wink* Over a nice warm plate of “Moons Over My Hammy” he and a group of young guns talk the smell of gun powder in the morning, a good tight grip and keeping your weapon in it’s holster. “Thank You Tom”! -TK1Now, to those of you who are true TLPS listeners and have bought the TLPS App (available now via itunes and Google Marketplace) you will remember a few weeks ago in the Afterglow show that we had discussed TK1’s wife having to have a few “Something, Somethings” removed. Well, after 17 hours and 9 pints of blood and almost loosing her twice to our maker (if that’s what you believe) she survived and TK1 brings us the story. A few other things to mention before I leave you to you and your special play button (on your listening device, perverts!) We also discuss a married listener and her fetish for other men! Well, lets be honest she’s only fond of the man because the Penis hasn’t become Self Aware yet! YET! Though in her defense she has been taken over by the Evil known to man as “The Octopu$$y”!

Also, making his second appearance on the show, sitting next to The Google Goddess, is her man from across the pond @nerfspur or could he possibly be “London Boy”? Love is on the line as we sort out the details of the sordid tale.

We also hit on such noble topics like virgin porn watching with a hint of irony. The irony being his wife…wait I’ve said! to much!  Question for ya. Are the rules of rape different if you’re into the sex for currency? and Why can’t high school kids bring porn stars to the prom anyway? Those and other “Hot Button” Issues all in the palm of your hand! So put on your brightest smile for your in dash cam…spit shine you’re badge and turn on the police siren because TLPS is breaking the Law! -AG


Man Watches Porn; Finds Wife

Officer Caught By Own Dash Cam

Sub Teaches Student To Cover Love Bite

Veet Reviews

AND by popular demand The Glossary of Perversion

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