Ep 37: Dealing With Dad’s Death, Bad Backs, and One Bathroom!

It’s been a few months since the last episode. Come catch up with us! Topics: Using our time better now that there is no commute time to work and back. Finding a different normal. Exercising the smart way once you admit to getting older. Dealing with the emotional residue after losing a parent. Remodel or […]

Ep 36: Rona Love, Kittens, and Bears Oh My!

Ginger’s house gets a triple kitten invasion. The neighborhood bear can no longer eat my children and Dan’s neighborhood bear is no raccoon! Masks, where to wear them and why? Are kids adapting to this new trendy lifestyle and ladies… Laugh at your man’s jokes! Listen Now

Ep 35: Another Quarantine Extension

Chris and Kristin Maier from the How Was Your Week Honey Podcast join Dan and Jay today. It’s an extended episode, which is fitting for living in yet another extension of the quarantine. Do you find that you’re drinking more during all of this? What do you miss most and what do you think will […]

Ep 34: Overcoming Pandemic Anxiety!

In this episode we three Dad’s discuss the change in our everyday normal lives. Adapting to the NEW NORMAL. Working from Home. Homeschooling. Finding structure in the Chaos. Listen Now

Ep 33: Ginger’s Diagnosis

In the Last Episode, Jay “The Angry Ginger” eluded to having some ADHD issues. After struggling with admitting that this might be a reality, and sick of struggling living life through a fog of a million thoughts, he seeks the help of a professional. Do I have ADHD? Was my fear of being diagnosed with […]

Ep 32: Dad’s Back From Florida

Jay The Angry Ginger returns from a Podcast Convention and spending a few day’s with his Dad. Health issues aside, it was an excellent trip away. Getting home on the other hand? A Stolen Car. An Ex-Wife performs daylight robbery and an underage child gets inked without permission! A 70th Birthday is celebrated. Kids move […]

Ep 31: Inner Speech, Blackhole Movies, and Big Plans for 2020

In this episode the “Dads” discuss the dangers of teenagers taking selfies, the loss of Kobe Bryant and his daughter and how it hit us. Do we have Wills? Did you know that some people don’t have Inner Dialogues or “Inner Speech”? We also discuss the Blackhole movies that we just have to sit down […]

Ep 30: Jesus Phlots

Vision Board, Pneumonia, First Love, Phloting, Journaling, Cell phones dropped in the neighboring stalls, and infecting your children with your sickness, all on today’s episode of Deconstructing Dad. Also, Broadway, Sex Trafficing, Too many darn cats, Teenage entitlement, Who’s apple watch is it and more…. Listen Now

Ep 29: A Better Late Than Never Christmas Gift

In this episode, Jay and Dan battle the odds that is our work, personal and holiday schedule to discuss our heavy work loads and trying to be the best absentee father we can be! Kidding! Enjoy! Listen Now

Ep 28: Deep Dives and Skid Marks with a Beaver Weasel

Grant @Insta_Grants2 on twitter returns to finish off our conversation. We discuss more about friendship, getting older and of course friendship. Having “The Talk” with our kids. Is it different for a father to a daughter than a father to a son? Beaver Weasel gets brought up. It’s best you just listen… and now that […]