Day 28: August Patreon Exclusive-Lucky Logan’s Turd

Here is the review of Logan Lucky. Fresh from the Angry Ginger/Neighbor Cole ‘Man Date’, we give you the breakdown, spoilers and review that we promised from this film. Was it worth Soda-berg coming out of retirement for? Meh-be? Thanks for your support. More coming! Check out this episode!

Day 27: Patreon Exclusive-Trailer Talk and Night Terrors

In this episode (recorded after Ep 161 Friendly Neighborhood Podcasters) we discuss a crap ton of movie trailers that we just haven’t been able to cram into an episode just yet. If you listen, and why wouldn’t you, you’ll learn more about new co-host Cole and his fear of horror movies and why. He shares […]

Day 25: The Dark Tower

Neighbor Cole and The Angry Ginger go after Stephen Kings The Dark Tower from Page to Screen!  

Day 24: Court Date Analysis

The Quadfather calls in to give his years of Marriage counseling and Family Therapy training to a couple of knuckleheads who clearly need dating advice from a man who hasn’t dated in 27 years.

Day 23: Happy Turkey Day/Cole’s Date Update

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our listeners! May you all have a fantastic feast filled with friends, family and fights to the death! Brevis Farms 4 Life Yo! In this episode, Cole updates the listeners on his dating experiences. Ginger jumps in with some of his own which leads Cole to get very defensive! Also, […]

Day 22: Deconstructing Dad (Holiday Edition)

In this episode of Deconstructing Dad, Dan and I field questions from the live chatroom. We also discuss Holiday traditions and some how stumble on the use of Viagra…or perhaps it’s the lack of usage… I’m not even sure how we got on that subject! Enjoy:-)

Day 20: Top 10 Bingeables and Recommendables Part 1

In this episode the Quadfather calls in to play the part of the stupid audience. His words…not ours. Attack! Neighbor cole recommends that you binge Dexter, The Americans, and The Walking Dead. The Angry Ginger gives a couple of recommendations as well. What shows you ask? How about Lovesick and Shameless! All 5 are worthy […]