Squirrel Huntin’ In Hickory

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In this, the 57th episode of The Last Podcaster Standing,

The Sniper leads a hunting class on “Urban Squirrel Warfare” and at the same time gives a cooking class on squirrel stew! “Tastes like chicken!”  The guys discuss their weekend which involved Mr. Kia’s bachelor party, a comedy club, and podcasting follies! TK1 says “I love you!” in the Men’s bathroom! The Google Goddess gets educated on porn stars and the bleaching of the bungholes!…and so much more.You did catch that it was Mr. Kia’s bachelor party right?  Ohhhh… the stories we have for you!NOTICE *No hookers were killed before, during, or after the making of this podcast*-Angry Ginger


No Semen For You

Smuggling Gold In The Poop Shoot

No Cougars In Utah

Back by popular demand The Glossary of Perversion

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When News Breaks, We Point And Laugh

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