Help! Let’s Save Monkey Poo Studios

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Greetings and Salutations!

It’s that time of year when Podtoberfest is quickly approaching. During the lead up to Podtoberfest we usually sell ad slots for each hour of our Live Marathon. This year we’ve run into a bit of a hiccup. That being, the computer that has helped produce countless hours of absolutely free content has finally gone and died on me. Died on YOU! Funeral will be forthcoming! 

If you’re a long time listener of any of the Monkey Poo Studios shows, then you are aware of the laundry list of podcasts it’s helped me produce. If, however, you are not a long time listener, well allow me to share said laundry list with you.  7 Days a Geek, Podcasting 101, Deconstructing Dad and to a lesser degree The Last Podcaster Standing. (An even lesser degree being, Level 7: An Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D podcast, Better Call Saul: The Unofficial Podcast, Gotham Knights, Ask An American, Podcast The Motion Picture, and The Silly Ass Sh*t Show,) 

For over 11 years now I have been producing podcasts from a single iMac. Now, there has been a running joke for a few years now that “The Mac is Dying” and it was. But fortunately I was able to put it on hospice and extend its life for far longer than originally diagnosed! 

Years ago I edited a “Chicago Road Trip” series for The Last Podcaster Standing. Soon after starting 7 Days a Geek, I wrote and co-directed a web series titled “Between the Covers”. Remember the 7 Days a Geek:Make a Movie in a Week, challenge? Yup, the old tried and true was there for the scripting and video editing process. Hell, my long lost but hopefully not forgotten indie comic book (that you once helped me crowdfund) E.L.E. began it’s origins on the very machine we’re speaking of. So it’s not just podcasts that’s… it’s all of my creative pursuits over the last decade plus… all gone. 

So now I (The Angry Ginger) seem to be in a bit of a pickle. This computer is older than 2 of my children. It’s lasted almost as long as my marriage and definitely went out quieter! It’s even lived longer than my co-hosts have. But now it’s time I bury it. Start a new. Without a new computer to keep producing some of your favorite ear candy… YOU and I will miss out on

  1. Another Year of Podtoberfest. It’s either happening in a month…or never. Do you want that on your shoulders?
  2. You can Kiss Santa and his 12 (or 7) Days of Geekmas goodbye!
  3. No more Podcasting 101. No Tips, Tricks or advice from those much more able to give it out than me!
  4. Deconstructing Dad will be Dead. The double dose of Gingerly fatherly advice will be fallen on deaf ears… or should I say Dead Ears? 
  5. The Silly A** Sh*t Show will cease to exist… but that’s probably a good thing. That show was one episode away from contracting some new Monkey virus that would make AID’s look like a curable form of herpes! 
  6. The Gateway will forever be closed
  7. NO 7 Days a Geek. How will you ever keep up on the constant revolving door of cohosts?
  8. On Hiatus with Jay and Grant will never record or be released! 
  9. No more updates on Dates; the sex, or the lack of it due to a scary form of forearm sweat.  Divorce, bomb threats or akward shared holidays will all be a thing of the past as well.
  10. Nothing new will come in the next 11 years. All projects… dead. 

So with the urging of friends and co-hosts I’ve been convinced that the listening audience would be willing to help this podcaster to continue to keep his dream alive. 

If you can afford to help us out, we are looking to replace the computer in the studio. Something powerful enough to last another 11 years. Something that can handle multiple streams of audio and video while broadcasting live. A hard drive big enough to hold onto the next decade of audio, video, and writing projects to come. And more projects are on their way. 

All of us here at Monkey Poo Studios appreciate any help you can give in saving our shows and helping me to continue to create and produce new ones! 

For every $50 dollars or more, you will get a shout out during podtoberfest. If you have a podcast, you can write a promo for us to do a live read, or you can record a promo to play during podtoberfest. 

We are currently planning 12 hours for Podtoberfest. For every $100 over our goal. I will add an hour. Up to 30 hours (the amount needed for our 30 Days of Podcasting in November). All 30 hours will be recorded the weekend of Podtoberfest.

Days to go

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