Ep 19: White Lines, Sleeping With Other People, and Sexual Refunds!

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In the meantime, Just download the episode! It’s hysterical, informative, and just what the quarantined doctor ordered!

Trailer Talk

White LInes (Netflix)

Catching Up with…

Cole is chasing that 10k… get’s a refund on a booty call?

Ginger struggles with finding something interesting to discuss, shares a road trip date, and updates Dad’s hospital health watch.

Quad does something remotely interesting but vaguely worth living for

and the guys geek out over more shows streaming than you can watch in a month! Pay attention. Lot’s of recommendations!

In the Weekly Watch Party; Ginger pics a flick he was sure would clench him his 5th straight win… but does Sleeping With Other People finally get him the humiliation?

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