Ep 1: The One About Addiction, Thirst, and Peach Pits

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After a Long HIATUS, The Kilted One (Grant) and The Angry Ginger (Jason), from The Last Podcaster Standing and 7 Days a Geek, to name a few old podcasts, return to the microphone and this time, they’re serious!


Well, one of them is.

In all seriousness, in this first episode, we tackle just what is this show going to be about and catch up like old friends tend to do.  We tackle alcohol abuse in the family and contemplate whether one of us has the “Thirst” for it. Speaking of “Thirst”, we discuss hot Marvel bods and go back to our youth with old tattoo’s that may have a certain Beverly Hills zip code. You be the judge!

You can find us on Twitter:

Angry Ginger @S7evenevendaysageek

The Kilted One (TK1) @Insta_Grants2

Email the Show AngryGinger@MonkeyPooStudios.com


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