Ep 24 Coded Texts from Kids to Parents & Old Fashioned Tips To Making Hubby Happy!

In this episode Jay and Dan are joined by regular guest Courtney “The Quadfather” Calkins! We discuss the tricky techniques of coded texts. What do you and your kids have pre-planned so your kid can get out of a sticky situation without any explanation or backlash? An article from the 1950’s was unearthed here at […]

Ep 23: Homebound and Exhusted

In this Episode, Dan returns home from France and boy is he whipped. Ginger has to pinkie promise not to embarrass his daughters at a restaurant and geeks out about Tom Cruise?

Ep 22: Dealing with Loneliness & Finding the New You

In this episode Courtney Calkins, a licensed marriage & family therapist for over 20 years, returns to the show to discuss the 5 stages of grief after a separation or divorce. We talk about my mindset with dealing with loneliness and how important it is to take the time to find out who I am […]

Ep 21: Meeting Dan Part 2 (To Paris With Love)

In this, the second part of Dan and I meeting for the first time, we get carried away with our adult beverages. We discuss Night Terrors, Sleeping well in Hotel Beds, the meaning of WaWa and of course Paris! Just like the title says! Check out this episode!

6 Years Since My Mother’s Passing and I’m Still Haunted

Deconstructing Dad Blog - 6 years since my mom's passing and I'm still haunted

From 6 Years ago… I can still hear the sound of the life support machine pushing air into my mom’s chest. The constant beeping of more than ten machines pushing medicine into her dying body beating at my brain. I still feel that indescribable feeling you get when the person that brought you into this world […]

Ep 19: Delete The Past For The Future?

In this we episode, 7 Days a Geek co-host @NeighborCole and monthly guest host @QuadfatherMft join me to discuss relationship issues. What are the rules about your past when it comes to deleting phone numbers or pics of your ex? Also, I recently invited a friend of the ex’s over and that didn’t go well. […]

Ep 18: Purging My Home After Divorce … and Fireworks!

In this episode I discuss the last week or so of my life where I went though my house and purged all my old belongings. Cleaned out my house, my garage, bought a car, new beds, and furniture. Lot’s going on in the Ginger homestead. Some fun stories to be told for sure. Also, Dan […]

Ep 15 Let’s Talk About School Shootings

While driving home from work last week Friday morning, my daughter called to tell me that the school(s) were closing because of a school shooting threat. After having a few conversations with my kids, it got me thinking, what is the process schools are taking to protect the teachers, the kids and the fears that […]