Vol. 2 Ep 2: Kevin Hart F’s Up, No More Watchmen, and Arctic Watched!

  • Vol. 2 Ep 2: Kevin Hart F's Up, No More Watchmen, and Arctic Watched! 00:00

Things get heated in Monkey Poo studios as the Geeks review Arctic on Amazon Prime this weeks Weekly Watch Party (WWP) selection by NeighborCole (NC).  The geeks also unveil a new scoring system for you, the listener to use in your participations! Also another secret code word is dropped for the monthly giveaway!  Don’t miss your chance at winning the graphic novel Lock and Key! And of course the willy-nilly time stamps are below!


07:00 Quad promotes the Quadcast 

10:00 Catching up w/ the Geeks

12:45 Fatherhood woes w/ NC

18:15 Check out the new Timestamps!!

20:00 Catching up w/ Quad

23:00 Quad commits to Vegas 

23:30 Catching up w/ JAG

24:00 How JAG hangs on

29:00 Speed limits/Heineken Zero/Getting pulled over

30:30 WWP Arctic (Amazon Prime)

34:00 Quad and NC go at it!

38:00 Could you live with yourself

42:00 Quad scores Arctic

42:30 JAG breaks down new scoring system

53:00 JAG picks WWP for next week Don Jon (HBO)

1:00:00 Listeners score WWP movies

1:03:00 What are you geeking out About

1:05:00 Documentary Episode?

1:06:00 JAG geeks out on what’s coming up to Netflix (Ozark, You S3, Mindhunters)

1:12:30 Prime (Dark Tower, Carnival Row, Marvelous Mrs. maisel, Wheel of Time, Citadel, Jack Reacher)

1:19:00 Quads thrifty tip

1:22:00 HBO (House of Dragons, Uninhabitable Earth, Friends Reunion, Watchmen)

1:24:00 Parasite Talk

1:25:00 Is NC well read?

1:32:30 Peacock (April 15th)

1:35:00 Yellowstone

1:37:45 NC Throwback Picks Netflix (Jiro dreams of Sushi) Hulu (The Last Boyscout, Instant Family) Prime (Bone Tomahawk, Terminator)

1:40:00 The Pact

1:44:00 Fire in Paradise (Netflix)

1:47:00 Don’t fuck with Cats (Netflix)

1:52:00 Don’t fuck this Up (Netflix)

1:55:45 The Spy (Netflix)

1:59:45 The Irishman (Netflix)

2:01:15 De aging and Gemini Man

2:02:30 Good Girls (Netflix)

2:05:00 Dolemite is my Name (Netflix)

2:07:00 The Outsider (HBO)

2:11:45 What we Learned

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