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Train Wreck To Russia

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In this, the 7th episode of The Last Podcaster Standing,

“Chugga chugga choo choo…  awe, who gives a f@*K!” – The Angry Gingers version of this write up.

My version of the write up –  What begins as a brilliant idea rapidly descends into utter chaos.  By rapidly, I mean immediately.  The plan was to podcast while 4 cameras transmitted the podcast through the Chat Roulette application.  The hope was that we would connect with many people from all over the world and use CR as free advertising.  Couple that concept with having not 1, but 2 guest podcasters and a Ninja in the studio to help liven things up.  For those who know math, that’s 7 live bodies (with regular show hosts Grant, Jason, Joe, and Tom included) and untold numbers of digital ones in the room at one time.  Now imagine that 3 of the 7 people are drinking and/or already drunk when the show starts.  See?  The train left the station on fire and off the rails.  We attempt to hold a show that falls within the format, which is a bit of general chat followed by headlines that make you scratch your head and say WTF?  This, as you will hear, is not exactly what happened.  It was like watching a bunch of ADD kids who went off of their adderall and instead decided crack was a better option.  It listens the same.  So after 2 full program edits (1 by Ginger and 1 by Producer Tom) and no less than 103 individual cuts of a 1 hour and 36 minute program, you are left to hear 48 of those minutes.  Enjoy.

What have we learned from this experience?  There are a lot of penis’s on Chat Roulette, but very few boobs.  Emmett listened to the show before being a guest, Marlee did not.  Tom is NOT the Founder of MySpace.  Marlee knows about Reaganomics.  The gun WAS loaded… GRANT!  Emmett plays a mean guitar and is only able to say the title of the podcast correctly while intoxicated.  It’s Led Zepplin NOT Eric Clapton. The Ninja would prefer Tom NOT have Chat Roulette girl remove the covers.  No one penis looks like another.  Jason interrupts Tom more than he doesn’t.  Between The Covers may be the best comedic web series ever!  And Joe…  Joe is in there somewhere, like a ghost who occassionally rattles his chain.  Emmett’s improvisational song writing made me pee from laughing. But more importantly, Russia has Gingers to.

Ok, ok, I concede Ginger, my write up is as much a train wreck as is the episode.  So let me sum it all up in one sentence – “Chugga chugga choo choo…  awe, who gives a f@*K!”

– The Kilted One


Deadly Sex Fantasy Accident

Real Life A$$ Kick

Drunk Babysitter

Dead Sex

Mummified Passenger

Auto Arrest

Underwear Robber

Roaming Minstrel (Emmett Terbeek)

Between The Covers Webseries

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