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On this, the 51st episode of The Last Podcaster Standing,

Listen up Mother F#%kers!  This podcast has some history! Not only does it have a blast from the past co-host The Kilted One, It also has the host of another podcast.  A podcast that took the time to listen to our silly little show and give it a review.  The outcome?  Well, if you’ve listened to Episode 37: The Pedantic Fun Sponge you’ll know what the outcome was…and the true origin of Mr. Know-It-All’s new title!  Andrew Johnston is the host of Podcast Squared and after the (Glowing?) review that we played for you in episode 37, we were invited as guests on his show. What could have been a train wreck of epic proportions, turned into a pretty solid episode.  Hey, if anyone is willing to “toe to toe” or “Rowe V.S. Wade” rather, with Tom (The Pedantic Fun Sponge) is alright in our books!  So hold on to your a$$ and pray no one decides to sue you for the right for it or the right to take it…or the right to…You know what?  I don’t give a f***, a s*** or a damn even!  Is Damn a swear word anymore?  Push play and listen to this son of b**ch will ya!  Don’t forget to pull out your pen and paper to keep tally on the foul language used in this episode!  Joe and Andrew did…..Can you guess who lost?  All bets are on the Ginger!  (F**king Racism!) Back to you Andrew, you BLEEPING BEEP sucker!-Angry Ginger


Podcast Squared

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