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Daniel J. Lewis from “The Audacity to Podcast” visits Podcasting 101 to talk all things podcasting. If you haven’t guessed by now…it’s sort of what we both do. Though Daniel had been around quite a bit longer than I. He’s got this “How to” podcasting thing down! Wait…wait…before you click unsubscribe and hightail it over to his podcast I would just like to say…there is room in your feed for both of ours shows! LOL

Daniel also runs his own network, network. He has a handful of shows on the network as well as another fist full of shows that he has brought into the network. He has a ton of advice to give and hands it out freely on this show…not to mention weekly on his podcast…and his blog! This man is a jack of all trades when it comes to podcasting. Without even knowing it he’s kind of a mentor, I think he’s doing great things for us podcasters and for that I’d like to say thank you! Now, we do things a bit different, and thats ok…but at the end of the day we both love podcasting and we both love helping people out!

Also, if you’re looking to run a companion podcast, a podcast about a TV show series then this episode goes deap into how exactly to go about doing that. Lots of great information! This is something that I’ve been working on myself. I soon will be launching my own “Companion TV show podcast” so it was something that I was interested in learning!

Also, in the near future I hope to have running blog up soon on the “Under re-construction” website and I hope I can be half as helpful as Daniel. I really do recommend checking out his website and saying hey to him on Twitter @TheRamenNoodle.

Thanks again Daniel for coming on the show and I hope we get a chance to yap again in the future!


A.K.A. The Angry Ginger

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