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Thai Died

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In this, the 5th Episode of The Last Podcaster Standing,

Tom and Joe arrive late to the podcast, but not without their own unique reasons, which for your listening pleasure I have recorded.  Suffice it to say, one of those stories gets the Ginger very excited, once he actually starts paying attention.  In a segment appropriately titled “Things You Never Want To Hear In Bed”, I ask the guys as well as listeners, what are some of the things you NEVER want to hear someone say to you while engaged in sexual congress.  Can you believe someone actually replies “I love you”!? And the Ginger spends more time offending New Zealand, all but ensuring his permanent ban from the country.

In Headlines, Tom finally reveals the story he has been hyping all week, and it’s pretty cheesy to say the least.  Other stories include a Thai worker who does not get the last laugh (or is in on the joke for that matter), A cabbie who takes his fares seriously, A man who’s willing to fight for his right to keep his penis, A woman who likes to masturbate in the privacy of a public parking lot, and a nerd who makes his money selling s*** that doesn’t exist.  And would you believe it?  We make fun of it all!


Maggot Cheese (Story), Maggot Cheese (Video)

Thai Sex Worker Loves A Good Joke

Take Me Home… No Seriously, Take Me Home

Court Ordered Penis Protection Program

Autoerotic Gun Charge

Virtual Asteroid

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