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Robotussin: The Cure For Autism

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In this, the 67th episode of The Last Podcaster Standing,

Before getting to a very important listener submitted voice mail, we sit down to discuss our feelings! Not our own mind you, just the neighborhood squirrel’s.  Yes Squirrels!  So the question on every one’s mind is…Do they have feelings? TK1 shares a story with us that would make even the hardest of criminals cry! Hell, I heard that the Lifetime Network in conjunction with The Animal Planet have green lit a 12 hour mini-series on this event! I’m betting that male birth control will be handed out like candy before our very own Sniper sheds a tear though…He’s a wall of emotion let me tell you! In other news, we travel across time and space to find the perfect piña colada mix!  Check this out…in the future chicks just wear it on there faces! You know…like a money shot! Yeah even in the future some women are still whores…but they smell good! Just don’t call them any dirty names, they’ve got attitudes about that kind of thing! We actually saw one “facially challanged-smell pretty” use a mans testicles as a stress ball and he was just asking for directions!  Don’t worry, we had Mr. Know-It-All with us so we didn’t need to ask for a thing! Though we did run into his future self. He’s still the same, except he’s taken on a new hobby….Peeing on office furniture! I know what your thinking…it’s good to see that he turned out normal!  Also we hear from a couple who got themselves involved in a scam…or maybe they were the scam! To make a long story short, there’s a Nigerian Prince, a couple of over weight autistic women and robot named Tussin. Oh and I can’t forget the possible dead horse without a name!!! Listen, I make sh*t up for a living and even I’m not this good…so it’s gotta be true right?  Right? Well, the only way to find out is click on that play button and listen to the episode.  So I’ll leave you to it then.-Angry Ginger


New Male Birth Control

On-again, Off-again Scrotum

Farm Bureau Employee Fired For Marking Territory

AND by popular demand The Glossary of Perversion

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