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@PTPpodcast stops by the studio to talk a little podcasting this week! Before we even get started, seeing how they’re a Canadian based trio, we had to ask them a few questions about the old TV show “You Can’t Do That On Television.”

We quickly learn that though they’ve heard of it, they are to young to have seen it.

Shannon, Justin and Justin all come from a background in radio/broadcasting! They’re the real deal. They take us from thier days at a college radio station to their first days of podcasting. From great studio equipment to just a macbook with a built-in-microphone they plug away at their podcast dream like an indie band that could! …and they do!

This group has tons of advice to give and a great sense of humor.

*NSFW*** This episode has a few crude jokes. Though I try to keep this show away from the dirty side of humor…sometimes it’s just got to happen. If that offends you, just skip this episode and we’ll be on our best behavior most of the time….

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