Pod 101 Greatest Hits Vol. 2

  • Pod 101 Greatest Hits Vol. 2 00:00

Before Season 4 of Podcasting 101 starts, I thought I’d do a quick show to say hello, and let the world know that we’re back! 

In this episode you will hear from some really great podcasters like Dave Jackson from The School of Podcasting. You’ll also hear from Elsie Escobar of She Podcasts and The Feed, Libsyn’s very own podcast. 

Jordan Harbinger of The Art of Charm graces us with his presence to discuss all things podcasting as well. 

If you like what you hear I strongly urge you to go back into the Podcasting 101 archives and download the full episodes…along with the whole library as well. Why not!?

If you love this show and would like to help me to continue to produce it…please head on over to www.patreon.com/monkeypoostudios and give as little as a dollar a month! 

Thanks for listening and supporting the show! 

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