Patreon 101

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Hey there podcasters! If you’re looking for a cool new way for your listeners to help support you, then this episode is for you! Patreon is a fairly new website that works kind of like Kickstarter but it’s for ongoing support. Patreons can help by supporting your podcast monthly or per episodes. There are several ways your listener can show support as well as cool methods for you to use to show yours as well.

My apologies for being away, life has taken me away… doesn’t look like that’s going to change anytime soon but I’ll still muster the strenght to release an episode when I can. Thanks for listening, thank you for all the positive words about the show! It’s so nice to hear that it’s actually helping new podcasters as well as those that have been doing it for awhile. It keeps me going! Please share this show with all of your podcasting friends!


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