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This week we talk with Dave Cummings, The current mastermind and showrunner of a fantastic podcast called “The No Sleep Podcast.” If you’re into storytelling and a little bit of Theater of the Mind…then this episode is a no brainer. Lots of things discussed in this weeks interview. Scheduling, Marketing and building a method of payment for your podcast. If you’ve not heard of this show, I urge you to go check it out. It’s got a ton of production value, it’s creative and I for one think it’s great!

Also on the show, my 7 Days a Geek co-host, Jer A.K.A. McBlizzard (or Bibbles for those who can’t say it right) joins the show to chat inbetween segments. Unfortunatly there is no “How has podcasting changed your life” but we do have a fantastic review of the Revolutions podcast from our very own @PodcastSquared.

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