Libsyn 4-Why Every Podcaster Needs an App-Where Does Your Podcast Rank?

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Libsyn’s very own Rob Walch returns to Podcasting 101 and brings with him a wealth of information every podcaster should hear!

Do you have questions about Libsyn 4? Well, we go through all the changes and updates to give you a better feel for what to expect.

We talk about having a premium account, a way Libsyn helps us podcasters make money.

We also discuss having you’re very own podcast app. There are fees involved but it’s a very cost effective way to go and an excellent way to maintain growth for your podcast.

Numbers…what about numbers? I can hear all of you 101 listeners shouting from afar! Where do I rank? How do I compare to all my fellow podcasters out there? Well, Rob came fully loaded to give you information overload. Grab a pen and paper, open up your notes on your iPad or tablet and get to writing…You’ll want to remember all of this!

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