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Into Her Musky Cave

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In this, the 69th episode of The Last Podcaster Standing,

The Sniper goes to war with the U-Verse! Just as history has proven over and over again, even in times of war you’re bound to make love…not war!(With the Cable Guy) Even after falling asleep to elevator music, while waiting for someone named Fred in India to give him assistance with his Interwebs problems, the Sniper stays cool, calm and collected. That is until he doesn’t.  I believe a threat involving a booted foot and a sphincter muscle was used as some point! The Angry Ginger came prepared with plans for The Kilted One to once again get his sexy on! If you listened to the previous episode and still have TK1-moanaphobia then you may be glad that he didn’t show up for this episode.  Guess who did though…Mr. Know-it-all! So AG decides to ambush him with a page from a story that would cause the coldest of women to once again flow like a river with an unmeasurable amount of temptation! Meanwhile… The Sniper waits…G.G. talks about a contest that’s soon to be sweeping the nation…the world even.  An annual “Watching Paint Dry” contest.  So awesome I dare not repeat what I just said about a contest where one actually “Watches Paint Dry”!  Are you F%$#ing kidding me? PAINT DRYING!!! Meanwhile…The Sniper waits…


Reverend Charles

Swearing Preacher

What Happens When You Don’t Listen To Your Kids

Woman Mistaken For Hog; Shot

AND by popular demand The Glossary of Perversion

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