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Multiple Book Author and Podcaster, Grammar Girl joins us this week to talk about accidently building her Grammar Empire. On top of a few degrees and being a master at everything I learn that she’s also designed her own “Word Game” for the iPad! She’s smart, friendly and fun to talk too. Her podcast is only a few minutes long but she’s great at making it both fun and informative. Mignon was a pleasure to talk to, I’m hoping to find a way to have her on the show again in the future, though I just won’t trust her to hold a microphone! Ha! (you’ll have to listen to the episode to see why)

If you’re looking for ways to keep your podcast fun, informative as well as find ways to attract and keep your audience then this episode is for you! You can find Mignon on twitter @grammargirl as well as over at Also, look for her new game, “Grammar POP” on your iDevice!

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