Episode 96:Sponsored by …Mermen!

  • Episode 96:Sponsored by ...Mermen! 00:00

In this Episode Bibbles returns to Monkey Poo Studios and this time TK1 phones it in from inside his satalite studio. Everyone is firing on all cylinders today folks. This might be one of our best episodes in a long while. Feel free to find me on twitter and correct me if I’m wrong!

TK1 stumbles across potential Mermen/Anime Porn to which Ginger and Bibbles challange TK1 to hop in a costume and film a 7 Days a Geek Presents flick…something like Kevin Smith’s new flick Tusk, which we happen to discuss heavily as well.

We also cover Mad Max:Fury Road and geek out a tiny bit about Guardians of the Galaxy. A full *Spoiler Filled* review coming next week!


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